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May 24, 2018

Helping the Blind See With Their Tongues

What if we told you there are new innovations that can help about 285 million people around the world living with a visual impairment move around with a little more ease?

Okay, it’s easy enough to believe, but what if we told you the innovation works by using the surface of their tongues?

Now here’s something that should be celebrated: there’s an increasing number of sensory-substitution devices being developed that use the brain in the most remarkable way. These devices take in visual information from the environment and translate it into forms of physical touch or sound in order to be interpreted by the user as vision.

If that’s not amazing enough, The New [...]

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May 22, 2018

world’s most advanced camera enhancing the search for alien life.

An international team of physicists and astronomers has created what’s being billed as the world’s most advanced camera.

Known as Darkness (for Dark-speckle Near-infrared Energy-resolved Superconducting Spectrophotometer), the suitcase-sized device is designed not for taking big panoramas or snapping selfies but for spotting planets around nearby stars — and enhancing the search for alien life.

It’s proven hard for Earth-based observatories to detect exoplanets both because light from celestial objects becomes distorted as it passes through Earth’s atmosphere and because the light that reaches us from exoplanets is extremely faint compared to that from their host [...]

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