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PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.0 Bonus Challenge to Convert BC to UC
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PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.0 Bonus Challenge to Convert BC to UC

by nepbytesFebruary 4, 2019

The PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 won’t just add zombies mode, according to a recent report, Tencent’s battle royale sensation for Android and iOS is getting what’s called as the Bonus Challenge. This allows PUBG Mobile players to convert Battle Coins (BC) to Unknown Cash (UC) and grant them access to new cosmetic gear like weapon skins and outfits. It’s similar to the PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge that made its way to the game earlier. With Bonus Challenge, registration is for solo players alone. Entering requires either Bonus Challenge Vouchers or Unknown Cash and there are three tiers— Novice, Adept, and Expert. Each kill grants points which can be used to get UC packs or cosmetic items.
As per serial PUBG Mobile leaker Mr. Ghost Gaming, each kill in the Novice Bonus Challenge in PUBG Mobile nets players 15 points, while Adept players get 30 points, and Experts get 45 points. Each point equals one battle coin with maximum earnings being 1500.
The PUBG Mobile Bonus Challenge is open to Android, iOS, and PC emulator players and is limited to 60 players per match. The best players are highlighted on a top 30 list.
Winnings can be claimed from the game’s Battle Shop and the conversion rate of BC to UC isn’t finalised at the moment for this mode. On its own, PUBG Mobile UC costs between Rs. 126 for 60 UC to Rs. 12,640 for 8,100 UC.
This is completely different from another leaked feature expected in a forthcoming PUBG Mobile update known as Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions.

PUBG Mobile Prime subscription price

The PUBG Mobile Prime subscription would cost $0.99 (around Rs113) per month and grants users access to a small amount of UC (possibly 150UC) along with daily rewards like IDs and some UC for logging into the game. Prime subscribers would be ready to convert BP to UC although it’s represented to be a restricted quantity.

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription price

PUBG Mobile Prime and subscription, it would cost $9.99 per month (around Rs. 1136) and has a special introductory price of $4.99 (close to Rs. 568). It would give users 300UC as well as 20UC as a daily login bonus as well as an ID card, room card, and a crate coupon. What this implies is, you get 900UC for the first month of the PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription.
According to PUBG Mobile YouTubers Mr. Ghost Gaming and Allthenewsisgoodnews the new subscriptions are available in the KRJP server but implemented in a “different way” and Tencent may make the above changes to it in a subsequent update. As for it coming back to the world version of the sport, the duo have “no idea” at this moment if it would show up. Chances are it’s simply a matter of your time before Tencent introduces it to create for the deficit in China thanks to the shortage of approvals for its new games by the Chinese government.
Interestingly, a PUBG Mobile admin on the game’s Discord had posted details of this too minus the BP to UC conversion that the YouTubers uncovered.
“To sum up, each of those memberships can grant you daily UC yet because the aforesaid perks, alongside getting extra XP and RP points added to your RP (further not specified),” the post reads. “Whether these special offers associate with the zero.10.0 has not been confirmed as of nonetheless.”

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