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Huawei P40 Release Date, Price & Spec Rumours

Huawei P40 Release Date, Price & Spec Rumours

by Shiva BolakheOctober 14, 2019

Huawei’s new Kirin 990 chip promises good things for next year’s Huawei P40, but will the possible lack of Google services hold it back? Here’s what we know about the next Huawei flagship, due in Q1 2020.

Huawei will launch the successor to its P30 flagship in March 2020. Once again the P40 will almost certainly be joined by Pro and Lite models, and probably also a 5G variant. 

The company has now revealed its Harmony (Hongmeng in China) OS, and it’s very likely that Huawei’s 2020 flagship will run this rather than Android – especially after it has merged that while the Mate 30 will have Android, it will not have Google services preinstalled.

At IFA 2020 it also revealed new details about the Kirin 990, which is the chip that will power the new Huawei phone.

Appearing first in the 19 September launch of the Huawei Mate 30 the Kirin 990 SoC builds in a 5G modem. It also comprises an eight-core CPU and a 16-core GPU, plus a triple-core NPU that’s used for AI. The latter is improved over that of the Kirin 980 with two big cores and one new tiny core that uses hardly any power.

Huawei says it is 10 percent faster than the Snapdragon 855 for single-core performance and 9 percent for multicore, and up to 35 percent more power-efficient.

We’re less sure on the fact that the P30 successor will be the P40, however. Huawei likes to keep us on our toes with the naming of its flagship phone family.

After the P7 it dropped the ‘Ascend’ moniker, but continued in numerical order with the P8 and P9. When the P-series hit double-digits it jumped straight from P10 to P20, and then in 2019 to the P30. In 2020 it follows that we’ll see a P40, though the company has reportedly trademarked the names P300, P400 and P500, right up to P1000, so the next Huawei flagship could instead be a P400.

In design things will stay mostly the same, but the screen notch may well be ditched in favour of a punch-hole cutout or pop-up camera, and the edges are reportedly more squared. The display itself may also be increased to a Quad- rather than Full-HD+ resolution, though we find Full-HD+ screens are not uncommon among Chinese phone makers who hope to keep down the price and promote long battery life.

The current P30 Pro features four cameras, but in the P40 Pro we’re told there could be a fifth sensor, making this the second penta-lens camera phone behind the Nokia 9. It’s not all that out there, either, given that Huawei’s P-series is known for its excellent photography capabilities.

When is the Huawei P40 coming out?

Huawei typically opts to launch its flagship after MWC when its news won’t be lost in all the hype of the Galaxy S11, Xiaomi Mi 10, LG G9 and so forth. In 2019 we saw the company unveil the P30 on 26 March, and it went on sale on 5 April. Expect similar in 2020.

How much will the Huawei P40 cost?

Pricing for the P30 family at launch began at £699/€799/US$599 for the standard model and £899/€999/$899 for the Pro. This was a £100 jump over their predecessors, which could mean we’ll see a £100 hike in 2020. Certainly expect to pay more with 5G.

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